Welcome to the updated Study site. We feature excerpts from Overcomers Outreach literature. Topic Study has topics and associated study verses and Step Study has the 12 steps with study verses, both from the FREED meeting guide booklet, while Group Traditions and Standards materials come from our Steps, Standards, and Traditions guide.

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  1. Working on my D.Min in Pastoral Care, using support groups as my project. I led an OO group in the church many years ago and it was a blessing. By the outcome with the members I know it works. With the results of this present Pandemic situation we are facing I can see some people benefiting from OO. I just ordered a kit; Can you recommend any other material, any input?
    Thank you for your time!

  2. Can you tell me what to do with the scriptures from the topic study? Like questions to ask. A couple ladies and i are going to start meeting and non of us are in good financial shape so we won’t be buying any study books. We thought we would just start with writing and see where it goes. Thank you for any direction you can give. God bless.

    1. Thank you for your interest in Overcomers Outreach. Our founders, Bob and Pauline Bartosch put months of thought in the selection of scriptures for the topics and steps posted. The original format for OO meetings was (and often still is) to gather, pray, read, share, and pray. Many groups go through the topics alphabetically, with one meeting a month studying a step. In the meetings I go to, we pick a scripture and read to the group, share how it is relevant to the topic, and often to our current situation Others may discuss, or move to the next verse. Wherever the Spirit leads.
      We also have additional topics and scriptures available as an appendix to the FREED guide booklet. you can find these at:

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