Overcomers Outreach provides a two-way BRIDGE between traditional 12-Step support groups and people within churches of all denominations.

  • Individuals within the church who have kept their problems hidden or have been reluctant to attend recovery groups in the community can come to Christ-centered Overcomers Outreach groups and due to rule of anonymity, they find a safe place to share.
  • Additionally, people within traditional 12-Step programs who are searching for a “higher power” find Jesus Christ – the Savior they have been searching for. This spiritual experience can pave the way for their return to the church of their childhood.

OO meetings operate independent of the local church but within the Body of Christ. OO recognizes and supports participation in the recovery community. The meetings provide Christ-centered, recovery support and fellowship for those whose quality of life has suffered due to problems such as:

  • codependency
  • addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • eating disorders
  • sexual addiction
  • pornography
  • gambling
  • addiction to spending and debt

Visit the Network pages on our website overcomersoutreach.org for suggestions on starting and growing a group, as well as guidelines for activities and outreach to your community.

Or contact us:

Overcomers Outreach
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