We hope to engage with anyone seeking help with addictive behaviors, as well as those who wish to help.


  1. Hello All
    My name is Yana – I use to attend OO many years ago and unfortunately now that I’ve moved there isn’t a group near me. I’m looking for a partner and to fellowship again using the tools, etc., on my journey back to health. If anyone would like to use the computer or phone and make a great friend also, please contact me at Yana936707@aol.com – I’m in prayer that the Lord will bless my post, God Bless

  2. Thank you Lord for waking me up with my mind on your holy spirit and focused to read your work for direction and guidance for my day.
    I pray that I can make it to a service to share your goodness in my life to give hope courage, and strength to carrie the message to one who suffer like I once did before found help.

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